By Correspondent

SA based prophet, Tony Chikomo aka Commander 1, has become the first Christian Leader to publicly chase away gays from his church. He chased two(2) men from attending a church service  in Chitungwiza  Zimbabwe, over the weekend.

The two(2) gays (names not yet identified) came to attend an Night Crusade that was being led by Prophet Tony at Unit J Shops in Chitungwiza.

The two were chased away during prophetic moments around 2pm after the Man of God Identified them.

“As I am seeing in the helm of the spirit, I see a gay couple in this church. I am a true prophet. What I am seeing here is true. If I see you I expose you. If you know that you are a gay please leave my church before I expose you. Two gentlemen from the back, can you please stand up. I don’t want to see you in my church again,” Prophet Tony said.

Prophet Tony Chikomo aka Commander 1

The two instantly left the prayer room with disgruntled faces.

When this news crew tried to get a comment outside the church building, the two responded with violent threats.

“Stay away from us if you don’t want any harm,” they chanted.

The flamboyant prophet maintained his stanz in castigating homosexuality in his church.

“This is me. I don’t care how other prophets deal with “Ngochani” (gays) at their churches. Homosexuality was castigated by God in the Bible during the days of Sodom and Gomorrah and therefore it has no room in my church,” Prophet Tony added.