By Loice Takarindwa

ZANU-PF Mazowe North legislator Campion Mugweni was grilled by party district chairpersons in his constituency for going AWOL for four years and only reappearing in the constituency when he is seeking reelection.
Mugweni has been missing in his constituency for four years and resurfaced last week seeking to meet party structures within the constituency and seek assistance in his bid for reelection.
Due to his unavailability in the constituency, they nicknamed him “Missing MP.”
But on Thursday, the MP was given a rude awakening by district chairpersons during a meeting at Mukumbiri Farm, Mvurwi, which he had called for to beg to be given another chance in Parliament.
The chairpersons, according to sources, told him that he no longer has time to cover ground.
“We were called by our missing MP and he begged us to support him for a second term. We quizzed him on why he was absent for four years. We told him that time was limited for him since he did not utilize the time he had,” said the source.

According to the source, Mugweni is confident that he can buy his seat again since he has a backing of his wealthy mother, but the grumbling voters are most likely to hive him a red card.

“He promised to sponsor some of the aspiring council candidates who are going to campaign for him but people are disgruntled. They say he cannot be trusted because he is not in touch with constituency matters.”
Another issue which was raised on the meeting was that of a constituency vehicle which was only used for a few months in the constituency before being abused at mines.
“We also warned him that the electorate was not happy with their constituency vehicle which he was abusing in his mining deals.”
Mugweni promised to reform and win people’s hearts.
The MP has already started campaigning for himself despite an instruction by the party to have candidates only campaign for President Emmerson Mnangagwa because primary elections are yet to be held.