Senior Court Reporter

Michael John Van Blek confused himself while presenting evidence on behalf of Pokugara as a state witness in a court case where George Katsimberis is being accused of constructing a house without an approved  plan.

Van Blek told the court this Wednesday that he was in control of the Pokugara Properties as the Managing Director for the Joint Venture Company(JVC) between Kenneth Raydon Sharpe and George Katsimberis’ companies. The JVC  was later replaced by an Addendum which saw Sharpe’s  Pokugara becoming irrelevant in the new deal in 2017.

He told the court that he is a signatory to JVC and Addendum  as a witness to the signing of the documents but claimed that he had nothing to do with the Addendum.

“I am Michael John Van Blek the former Managing Director of Pokugara Private Limited presently working as a consultant. My tenure as  Pokugara’s Managing Director included having meetings with Mr George Katsimberis during the signing of Joint Venture Company between him and Kenneth Raydon Sharpe on 15th an agreement which I signed as a witness.”

“I was in charge of the Joint Venture agreement  but I have nothing to do with it. I am aware of the Addendum but I have nothing to do with it.”

Katsimberis’s lawyer Tawanda Kanengoni questioned Van Blek why he confused himself for claiming that he has nothing to do with the agreements when in actual fact he participated well in the signing of all the agreements.

“Why are you confusing yourself? You told the this honourable court that you participated in the  the JVC and  Addendum. Now you are saying that you have nothing to do with the Addendum.”

Katsimberis’ defence outline also questioned why he is standing as an accused where he is standing as a state witness on the same. The case is expected to commence on the 5th of May 2022.