By Loice Takarindwa (Mozowe North)

Mazowe North Member of Parliament Campion “Missing MP” Mugweni has come underfire from Mvurwi residents and vendors who accuse him of giving fake promises.

Mugweni humiliated by vendors last week after he promised them loans which they never got.

The residents told mugweni during a meeting that last year he duped mourners by promising to donate 10 cabbages which he never brought.

“We nolonger trust you MP you last year promised mourners 10 cabbages at a funeral in Rusunguko and people clapped hands but you never brought your pledge so how can we trust you again with our votes,” fumed residents.

In his response Mugweni said the cabbages took long to come but when he brought them people were already eating.

“Forgive me l was overwhelmed but l remember when those cabbages came people were already eating,” he said.

Vendors who spoke to this publication said Mugweni promised them loans which he said would be available by Thursday but to date no one received anything.

“Mugweni cannot be trusted last week he promised to give us loans he was hoping that primary elections will be held last Sartuday but to date we got nothing, lamented the vendors.

Due to his unavailability in his constituency they have nicknamed him Missing MP.