By Staff Reporter

The embattled businessman Kenneth Raydon Sharpe has earned new titles with regards to his code of conduct in seeking glory amid myriad legal battles.

Some call him a ‘Fraudster’ while some labels him ‘Land Baron’ but all these have been superseded by Sharpe’s deeds as Arch Bishop of corruption in Zimbabwe.

He earned the title ‘Arch Bishop of Corruption’ following his prominent role in dubiously acquiring vast tracks of land in Greater Harare.

He earned the nickname ‘Fraudster’ after he connived with the City Fathers in doping George Katsimberis’ show house in an act of suicidal acts of corruption. Katsimberis was also robbed off a large stake in a joint venture agreement.

Today the ‘Fraudster’ is battling a number of legal battles all emanating from his corrupt practices.

A Harare prominent lawyer labeled Ken Sharpe as ‘Arch Bishop of Corruption’ during a court proceeding.

“They had the agility and ability to engage in the unexplainable” Tendai Biti postulated during a court proceedings referring to Ken Sharpe and Tatiana Aleshina one of the directors of Pokigara Properties.

Amid all this, Sharpe realized that his image is now at stake and have since resorted to sanitize his swollen image through attention seeking.

This include winning self acclaimed business awards without a competitor, hiring celebrities like Jah Prayzah and Radio Personality KVG to market residential stands which were controversially acquired.

Apart from this, Sharpe towards end of 2021 spend huge in publishing crafted accolades in one of the local print newspapers. In the print newspaper Ken Sharpe’s non-existant companies bluntly congratulated him for earning business awards which never took place.

This year Sharpe had his name featuring among panelists and guest speakers at a highly publiziced business conference that took place in March at Rainbow Tours Hotel.

He made the organisers believe that he was to attend the business conference. It turned out to be a lie that Sharpe was to attend the conference.

One of the delegates at the conference commented on condition of anonymity said that he doubted if Sharpe was even in the country to attend the Business Financing Conference.

“I think the guy is a lier who just wanted to have his name feature on the flyer of the event. In actual fact we all know that he is out of the country. It’s all about attention seeking.”

Sharpe did not feature at the conference as anticipated but he continues to act in ignorance with regards to his whereabouts.