By Tendai Guvamombe

It has come to the attention of all Regional Caucuses that, the crisis experienced at the Pan African Parliament has been fuelled led by certain individuals who are after personal aggrandisement.

This comes amid all MPs across Africa will be voting for the positions of the President where Chief Charumbira is a sole candidate. Other positions are that of the First Vice President and 4th Vice President.

The revelations are that PAP  MPs are now tired of individuals who have been causing havoc and confusion since last year.

A certain small function has been trying hard to block Chief Charumbira from contesting Zimbabwe’s Elections which he won, attending a swearing in ceremony, contesting elections for the Southern Regional Caucuses and the Monday elections.

Situation obtaining on the ground indicate that MPs realised that Chief Charumbira is the only hope the Legislative Body to move forward.

“Let us not go with the flow of such winds. Chief Charumbira is the only hope of Africa at this time. Let’s think we’ll. We now want the ongoing confusion to be dealt with on Monday once and fall all,”  a PAP MP said.

Currently Chief Charumbira has been gained overwhelming support from all regional caucuses who are eager to see PAP’s Business of the Day going forward.

Another MP said, “On Monday we are going to vote for President Charumbira. I would like to urge all my colleagues that we are not just voting Charumbira as an individual but we are ensuring that PAP is in safe hands.”

“The era of Gayo, Sampa and Roja is now over!! On Monday we are going to decide and ensure better PAP for all.”

An independent assessment carried out by this publication indicate that Charumbira enters the Monday Elections enjoying an overwhelming support that surpasses the needed 50 percent plus 1 vote.