By Senior Court Reporter

Former Pokugara Managing Director, Michael John Van Blerk last week found himself in a serious predicament following George Katsimberis presented an overwhelming evidence before the courts of law.

Van Blerk has appeared twice in court during the month of April.

He is facing charges of perjury after allegedly lying to the court through an affidavit that George Katsimberis constructed a house in Borrowdale without approved plans from the City of Harare.

A court evidence shown to the Court indicated that Katsimberis’ house was constructed with an approved plan showing the construction of the show house in Borrowdale.

Katsimberis explained before Harare Magistrate Ngonidzashe Nduna of how he processed his plans from payments made to the bank and the plan approval at City of Harare offices at Cleveland. He also indicated that he has the supporting documents to prove that his engagement was genuine and lawful.

“I have all the bank receipts showing payments of the plan made into the City of Harare Bank Accounts. The payments were also indicated in the City of Harare payments register.”

Katsimberis’ plan has a genuine City of Harare stamp showing the approval by from the responsible authority.

During cross examination Tawanda Zhuwarara, the legal counsel for Van Blerk tried to object Katsimberis’ evidence alleging that he was not the one who submitted the plan in person.

“When the accused says the plans where submitted by his engineer, in other words he is simply telling this honourable court that he didn’t have the direct engagement at Cleveland.”

Katsimberis responded to Zhuwarara saying his engineer submitted the plans on behalf of his company and this wasn’t necessary to reflect on since proof of payments appeared in the City Council’s register at Cleveland House.

“My Engineer submitted the plan at Cleveland House. This was just good as sending a messenger to make payments for you and we have the receipts of payment.   The city’s register shows that the plan was submitted.”