El Niño Brings Drought and Floods to Southern Africa

Southern Africa is facing a severe weather crisis due to the ongoing El Niño event. El Niño is a climate pattern characterized by unusually warm waters in the Pacific Ocean, which disrupts global weather patterns.

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Carbon emission reduction a priority at this year’s ZITF

In a bid to foster sustainability and encourage healthier mobility options, the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) will implement top-tier changes this year, including higher parking charges and exclusive shuttle services.

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“The fish in the river are gone”- Fishing communities devastated by El Ninoinduced drought, as Zimbabwe joins Malawi and Zambia in declaring a state of disaster, and ActionAid urges emergency action.

Over 20 million people in Southern Africa are facing a severe food security crisis due to the El Nino-induced drought. Affecting crop and livestock production as well as water availability in the region, according to a report by UNOCHA, the region is faced with a food insecurity crisis that threatens the health and well-being of millions, particularly young children, pregnant women, and the elderly.

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Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024: Kachirekwa rallies nation to leverage on renewables

Clean energy expert and renowned Zimbabwean technopreneuer, Engineer Edzai Kachirekwa has urged stakeholders in the energy sector to tap into the upcoming energy indaba in South Africa in order to leverage on innovative solutions that has the potential to cure the country's energy poverty.

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"Amplifying the role of women, Youth and People with Disabilities in implementing Zimbabwe’s Revised Nationally Determined Contribution and National Adaptation Plan”

Youth, Women and Disability Constituencies to amplify their voices on Zimbabwe’s NDCs

The National Determined Contributions on Climate Change (NDC) Partnership has spearheaded the implementation of a climate change programme which is meant to specifically target youths, women and the disability constituency.

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Enhancing climate change adaptation with Wambugu

Wambugu Apples from Kenya in Africa has emerged as the most favored none timber trees by most farmers across the globe. Forests remain essential in amplifying both climate adaptation and mitigation.

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REAZ spearheads launch of Modern Cooking Facility for Africa, Second call for Proposals

The Renewable Energy  Agency of Zimbabwe (REAZ) yesterday spearheaded the launch of Second call for Proposals for Modern Cooking Facility for Africa.

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City Fathers grilled for neglecting Warren Park degraded Land

The issue of Warren Park has been budgeted for years but they can't even allocate small amounts towards small actions. They will be doing things for the show

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SA energy regulator grants Envusa Energy Electricity Trading License

Envusa Energy Achieves Milestone: Granted Electricity Trading License By The National Energy Regulator Of South Africa

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Climate Action Symposium on the cards

EcoEthics Bangladesh, a youth movement in environment and climate change is set to host a hybrid workshop on Climate Action on the 19 January 2024 with a view to empower communities towards achieving sustainable change.

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