By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe (South Africa)

Hon Alhagie Mbow PAP Legislator has publicly denounced a fake meeting hosted by Hon Gayo to find avenues of replacing Parliamentary leadership structures through elections.

Picture images circulating on social media shows that the meeting lacked was a half baked cake with few manipulated individuals in attendance.

Hon Alhagie denounced the last meeting via his official X saying it was a none a existent event that is being heralded through misinformation.
In his words, Gayo’s era is now coming to an end as PAP is set to restore it’s founding principles.

“This is misinformation. Only the Committee on Rules has the mandate to prepare the grounds for elections and not a one-man bureau.”

“This is a futile exercise to test the intelligence and integrity of the members of Parliament but be assured, we are up for the task. The days of creating chaos for self-centered interests are gone.

“We will do what it takes to ensure we work for the people of Africa but only ethically and respectfully, observing the rules that bound us,” Hon Mbow said.

The embattled Gayo is currently working with Joseph Kalimbwe , a Zambian social media influencer to stage a coup at the Pan African Parliament.