By Correspondent

The Zimbabwe Chamber of SMEs (ZC-SMEs), the national voice for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), has announced a landmark initiative, which when concluded, will see the chamber partnering with the World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME).

The latest collaboration aims to empower Zimbabwean MSMEs and unlock new avenues for growth through strategic business linkages and participation in international trade fairs.

The initiative aligns perfectly with key objectives outlined in Zimbabwe’s National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1), which prioritizes fostering a thriving MSME sector for job creation, economic growth, and national development. It also echoes the aspirations of Vision 2030, emphasizing the importance of fostering inclusive and sustainable economic development.

This partnership directly addresses critical issues highlighted in the National SME Policy 2020-2024. Limited access to markets, technology transfer, and financing have long been hurdles for Zimbabwean MSMEs. WASME’s extensive network and expertise will provide a much-needed bridge, connecting local businesses with potential partners and resources.

Under the proposed agreement, WASME will facilitate business-to-business (B2B) introductions between Zimbabwean MSMEs and their counterparts in India, a country with a thriving and successful MSME sector. India’s own focus on sustainable development presents exciting opportunities for Zimbabwean businesses to learn and collaborate on eco-friendly practices and technologies. A list of 99 leading Indian MSMEs seeking collaboration with Zimbabwean businesses has already been shared.

This opens doors for potential joint ventures, distributorship agreements, and technology transfer, propelling Zimbabwean MSMEs to a more competitive edge, particularly in areas like renewable energy, waste management, and sustainable agriculture.

The ZCSMEs, led by the National Secretary General, Mr. V. Kurauone, will play a critical role in disseminating information to its extensive membership base and identifying suitable local partners. They will also manage a national electronic platform ( for registration, ensuring priority is given to registered members for participation in these exciting opportunities.

The ZCSMEs’ partnership with Alinial Chartered Accountants, a leading financial and business advisory firm, will add further value to this initiative. Alinial’s expertise will provide participating MSMEs with access to crucial business development services, including financial consulting and guidance on navigating international trade procedures.

WASME has also invited Zimbabwean MSMEs to participate in international trade fairs held in India. This presents a unique opportunity for local businesses to showcase their products and services to a wider audience, explore new markets, and forge valuable connections with potential customers and investors.

“This partnership with WASME is a significant development for Zimbabwean MSMEs,” said Mr. Kurauone. “It provides them with the tools and access they need to compete on a global stage and contribute meaningfully to our national economic development goals.”

The ZCSMEs and Alinial Chartered Accountants are confident that this collaboration will empower Zimbabwean MSMEs to unlock their full potential and contribute to a more vibrant and prosperous Zimbabwe.

As you would know, India has a rich and successful experience on SMEs development, as Zimbabwe we have a lot to learn and gain from this proposed partnership. Said Samuel Makuvire Managing Director, Alinial Chartered Accountants .

Mr. Samuel Makuvire, Managing Director of Alinial Chartered Accountants, echoed Mr. Kurauone’s sentiments, highlighting the significance of the collaboration.

“We at Alinial are excited to be part of this initiative,” he said. “By leveraging our financial expertise and understanding of NDS1 and Vision 2030 priorities, we can empower MSMEs to not only grow their businesses but also contribute to a more sustainable and prosperous Zimbabwe. We believe that learning from India’s MSME success story, particularly their focus on sustainable development, will be invaluable to Zimbabwean businesses. We are confident that with the right financial guidance and strategic partnerships, Zimbabwean MSMEs can thrive in the global marketplace.”

The ZC-SMEs and Alinial Chartered Accountants are confident that this collaboration will empower Zimbabwean MSMEs to unlock their full potential and contribute to a more vibrant, prosperous, and sustainable Zimbabwe.