By Tendai Guvamombe

The First Lady of Zimbabwe, Dr Auxilia Munangagwa has championed the “Zero Waste Movement” in Zimbabwe through the implementation of sustainable waste management initiatives.

After signing an international deceleration dubbed the “Global Zero Waste Movement” with other esteemed leaders, she moved on to localise the global call in the country.

Today 4th March 2024, she spearheaded the initiative in Harare the Capital of Zimbabwe at Africa Unity Square. Government officials, Departments, Civic Society and professionals in the environment space attended the event.

Addressing environmentalists and residents in Harare, the First Lady echoed on the importance of scaling up waste management practices in order to achieve zero waste at country level.

“This is an environment journey under zero waste movement as we take our country forward as far as waste management issues are concerned”

“There was a mismatch between waste generation and waste management, so we signed a Global Zero Waste Movement to inspire others to take action.”

She also added that, the recent times have also seen many people joining the waste management initiatives as a result of trainings and awareness on the need to protect the environment.

“Through these initiatives we want make sure that no waste goes to landfills. The trainings on recycling are making more people to join the initiatives on Waste management.”

She also urged government departments to take issues of waste management seriously in order to make a remarkable change in the fight to keep the environment safe and clean.

“I would like to urge all Government Ministries and Departments to take zero waste initiatives across the country seriously.”

The First Lady donated bins to all government departments to enhance the practice of waste separation at source in embracing the waste management practices.