By Staff Reporter

Women Unashamed, a Christian movement that deals with women emancipation across the country is set to host a symposium on Mother and Daughter Relationship on the 14th of May 2021.

The symposium which comes at the back of strong positive steps to spiritually empower young women will be held at Chinese Gardens in the Capital from 12 mid-day to 3pm.

Image showing a marvellous relationship between mother and daughter

The great engagement is dubbed “Mother and Daughter Luncheon” and is expected to bring together families in an effort to institute stronger relations and to foster unity of purpose.

This runs under theme “I Am By You”.

Apart from this, the symposium will be an ideal of it’s own kind and it is expected to strengthen the existence of family as the most strongest institution around the Globe.

In an exclusive interview with Jeahan Zvavanjanja, one of the organisers of the “Mother and Daughter Luncheon” hinted on the essence of the one day event.

“They Women Unashamed will be hosting a Mother and Daughter Luncheon on the 14th of May, which is a week after Mother’s day, under the theme “I am Me By You”. What could be a  greater gift to  give a mother than to strengthen her relationship with her daughter.”

Lovely mother embracing her cute daughter on the sofa at home.

The engagement will further institute sustainability between the relations of mothers and their daughters.

The centre of discussion is expected to be stirred by the presentations to be made two high profile speakers while rest of the audience and invited guests will be in full enjoyment of a top class hospitality.

“A delicious lunch will be served while the souls and spirits will be  served with  words from  two illustrious renowned speakers.”

Women Unashamed is known for championing the emancipation of women in their various areas of influence  spiritually, physically and economically under the banner of Christianity.