By Correspondent

Godwin Gomwe Zanu Pf’s Candidate for Budiriro North championed the large crowd gathering for Highfield, Glenorah, Glenview and Budiriro District as he brought together supporters ahead of President Mnangagwa’s rally on Wednesday in Harare.

The preparatory meeting was meant to mobilize Zanu Pf supporters ahead of the provincial rally this week. This however turned out to be a rally as the meeting was over subscribed by supporters from the District.

Cde Tawengwa addressing Zanu Pf Supporters

Godfrey Gomwe is the District Coordination Committee(DCC) Chairman for Glenview/Highfield District.

When this publication arrived at the preparatory meeting observed all party leaders from the District communicating their mobilisation plans ahead of the Wednesday rally.

Speaking at the occasion Zanu Pf Chairman for Harare Province Godwills Masimirembwa hailed Gomwe for displaying good leadership in mobilizing supporters for the ruling party.

“Welldone Gomwe for the mobilisation work you are undertaking in your District with your DCC team. Let’s go and support the Visionary on the Wednesday meeting,” he said.

Masimirembwa announcing Aspiring Candidates at a Preparatory Meeting held in Highfield

Zanu Pf Politiburo Member Charles Tawengwa urged supporters to vote for Party Candidates in the District.

“Let’s all grab all the positions in the coming elections. Harare has a target votes of 600 for the President. Highfield is known as a home of Politics let’s all lead by example.”

The Preparatory Meeting was also attended by Cde Omega Hungwe and Betty Nhamburo Kaseke.