By Loice Takarindwa and Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe

A Russian businessman who faced multiple allegations of land corruption in Harare is fighting hard to get rid of his enemies and critics.

In a latest move, he wrote to Tino Chinyoka a Social Media User and two (2) Journalists ; Edmund Kudzayi and Farai Machamire , silencing them from further publishing anything without his prior consent.

Tino Chinyoka was quick to alert his X followers about a letter directed to him from the lawyers of Ken Sharpe.

“KEN SHARPE READS MY BLOG!!I have joyous news. The Builder of Dubai in Zimbabwe himself reads my blog! Is this not wondrous news? To be noticed by such a high and mighty man, to be seen as helping spread his message of good cheer and praise for his work.”

This is after Kenneth Raydon Sharpe through his lawyers send a letter of warning to the Social Media user, after Chinyoka revealed how Augur Investments corruptly syphoned large tracks of land in Harare.

“In your article you allege there will be more series of articles concerning our client. We have been instructed to demand that you immediately cease publication of any further articles concerning our clients in the circumstances where their views and comments are not solicited.”

An extract of a letter wrote to Tino Chinyoka and Local Journalists

This was further extended to local journalists Edmund Kudzai and Farai Machamire. Chinyoka however argues that his series of publications posted on his official X Account are informed from official Public Documents involving Kenneth Sharpe as the main culprit.

“So what if his lawyers think that what is said is defamatory, it is but extracted from public documents! I have not expressed a view that what is said in those documents is factual or truthful: I have asserted only this fact: THERE ARE PUBLIC DOCUMENTS THAT SAY THESE THINGS ABOUT KEN SHARPE. That is true, there are there. I have them, most securely stored in a foreign country. But clearly, maybe he disputes some of them, and he can do that, as a public figure who heads a publicly listed company.”

Kenneth Sharpe’s latest move will soon be criticized for violating Section 61 of the 2013 Constitution which guarantees freedom of expression and that of Press.

Sharpe’s sentiments will be under spotlight as the nation will be joining the world in Celebrating Press Freedom on May 3 2024 under the theme ; “A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the face of the Environmental Crisis.”