Liapeng Raliengoane

LESOTHO, Maseru – With the purpose to create a “Lesotho Brand” and promote a culture of excellence that sells Lesotho’s image and products globally, Lesotho unveiled the Nation Brand in Maseru on Wednesday.

Speaking at the launch, the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) Interim CEO Advocate Molise Ramaili disclosed that “Our goal with this strategy is ambitious yet essential: to fully leverage the unique offerings of the Kingdom of Lesotho, to attract investment, boost tourism, foster international trade, and drive economic diversification.”

“Through meticulous planning and strategic execution, LNDC has meticulously designed an internationally appealing Lesotho Nation Brand Positioning Framework, in alignment with our broader Nation Brand Strategy,” he added.

Adv. Ramaili highlighted that central to the branding efforts are the pillars of investment, exports, tourism and the promotion of local products, each meticulously designed to showcase Lesotho’s strengths and opportunities on the global stage.

Prime Minister Samuel Matekane called upon each and every one to rally behind the Nation Brand which embodies Lesotho’s identity, pride and aspirations because Lesotho is not just a country but a nation on the rise.

“Untapped potential is the cornerstones upon which we can build a prosperous future. But for Lesotho to truly prosper as a serious contender on the world stage, we need all Basotho to stand united behind Lesotho Nation Brand. In all our numbers, united by patriotism and a shared vision for the future of Lesotho, we possess the power to propel our nation to new heights. It will take every single one of us, standing shoulder to shoulder, to give Lesotho the chance to shine brightly standing amongst other nations in Africa and indeed, in the world,” he stressed.

Head of State, His Majesty King Letsie III expressed hope that as this year Lesotho marks 200 years of the founding of Basotho nation, this new brand identity will stand as a symbol of unity.

Moreover, he urged everyone to support this Nation Brand as it is meant to attract domestic and foreign investments, and boost tourism.