Tendai Guvamombe (Spotlight)

A baseless court application has been filled by Hon Miles Sampa to stop the Pan African Parliament from going ahead with elections to fill in the vacancies in the PAP Bureau.

Christian Greeff, an unknown individual was funded by Gayo to file a High Court Application in South Africa after realising that their preferred candidate is heading for a defeat, Miles Sampa in upcoming PAP Elections.

The Application sited Clerk of the Pan African Parliament as the First Responded and Pemmy Majodina as the Second Respondent.

The Application which seeks; “Interdicting the First Responded from proceeding with the Extraordinary Session of the Sixth Parliament of the Pan African Parliament scheduled to take place from 20th to 27th of March 2024” is baseless due to a number of reasons.

The Plaintiff cited wrong respondents in the Application

  1. Lindiwe Khumalo Clerk of the Pan African Parliament sited as the First Responded, does not have the powers to suspend the Extra Ordinary Session of Pan African Parliament as the directive to hold the meeting came from AU. The Extra Ordinary Session of the African Union held in Ethiopia early this year , directed PAP to hold an Extra Ordinary Session before the end of March 2024.
  2. The Application should have sited AU as the Parent institution which instituted an number of recommendations and orders which the were implemented by the Clerk of the Pan African Parliament.
  3. The Plaintiff in the Application is not a Legislative Member of the Pan-African Parliament and does not have the Locus Stand to seek a Court Interdict to the Extra Ordinary Session of the Pan-African Parliament.
  4. The timing of the Application is poor, as the Plaintiff failed to take into account the fact that Parliaments across Africa have incurred huge expenses in funding the trips of PAP Members for the Extra Ordinary Session.

The Second Vice President of the Pan-African Parliament Dr Ashebir Gayo has been working in cahoots with Miles Sampa in an attempt to cause confusion at the Pan African Parliament.

Currently they are also working with Joseph Kalimbwe, a Zambian Social Media Influencer to peddle lies via X /Tweeter on PAP issues.