By Tendai Guvamombe (Publisher)

Award winning journalist and writer, Brian Tawanda Manyati has launched a series of poem collections titled “The Milk Men”.

Manyati, a seasoned writer has worked with renowned artists in his carrier as a poet and today stands tall in inspiring many upcoming poets in the country.

This was mainly inspired by Manyati’s background as a Professional Chartered Accountant with track record of Leadership and Management with reputable organizations in the country.

“The Milk Men” carries 20 poems all published through The Sailors Trust. This has already find it’s way to the public domain since it’s launch on October 31 of 2023.

Brian Tawanda Manyati, a Zimbabwean Poet

“The reference is to milk in the title is threefold. Milk is a beverage that well nourishes the body as it naturally has all needed nutrients. The book therefore, seeks to quench or nourishes the the reader’s thirst for literary work,” says Manyati.

B.T Manyati’s poetic background spanned from Chartered Accounting and Business Management

He believes that his work is the first piece of poetic evidence to bridge the gape between non- literacy and art.

The writer focusses on issues around painting , hunger and domestic animals.

The writer pours many tributes to VaChikepe and Hundred Sailors in becoming a renowned poet.

“Everything flows from the continuous learning organization, Vachikepe and the Hundred Sailors (VHS) a.k.a The Sailors Trust, out of which the author is profoundly grateful,” said B T Manyati.