By Tendai Keith Guvamombe

The Dorowera Irrigation Scheme, located in Mutoko District in Mashonaland East Province, is famous for its prolific farming. The produce makes its way to Harare’s Mbare People’s Market and some leading markets in Zimbabwe.

The Adam Molai Foundation and GetBucks Bank held a financial literacy seminar for the Dorowera community last Friday at the Irrigation Scheme.

The seminar saw 44 farmers trained to make wise financial decisions that will help the rural community grow sustainably. The scheme provides a variety of products, such as vegetables, fruits, and grains such as rice, and beans.Nomagugu Nyaundi, the foundation’s Executive Director, said the seminar’s goal was to enhance and promote regenerative agriculture.

“Agriculture is the primary income source for many rural residents, but their limited financial knowledge hinders their ability to earn more. By providing this training, people are better informed about managing their finances. This initiative holds immense potential to uplift this agricultural community, promote entrepreneurship, and spurring development in Dorowera,” she said.

Mr Tirivanhu Blessing Gombiro, Regional Manager of GetBucks, said this initiative will uplift the agricultural community, promote entrepreneurship, and spur development in Dorowera.

“Our aim is that this training will help create opportunities for capital investment, enabling farmers to expand and modernize their agricultural practices or individuals to start running their enterprises as businesses. Through our partnership with the Adam Molai Foundation, the community will have access to microfinance products and services tailored to their specific needs,” Gombiro said.

The seminar covered a range of topics vital for the community’s financial well-being. These modules included basic financial literacy skills, efficient budgeting techniques, and knowledge of financial products and services at their disposal. The training also afforded insights into effective debt management and the importance of savings and investment.

“Furthermore, we focused on imparting entrepreneurial skills such as market analysis, business planning, and accessing credit to improve income generation and diversification within the agricultural community,” Mr Gombiro said.

“With the financial literacy skills imparted to the community, their ability to better manage their income, save for the future, and optimise their agricultural or entrepreneurial ventures will be significantly enhanced,” he said.

Speaking after the training, Sydney Nyatsine, the local Councillor where Dorowera Irrigation Scheme is located, expressed his appreciation of the initiative.

“Our gratitude goes to our partners here for the training our members received today. We will apply the advice, particularly about opening bank accounts, and that we will have access to loans, to improve our business and our household incomes is indeed welcome news. This will certainly benefit our community as a whole,” Mr Nyatsine said.

Another participant, Mrs. Grace Chipendu, could not hide her excitement at having attended the seminar.

“I am glad that I came here because I got to understand the importance of record keeping and tracking income and expenses. I have been taught that this is the only way I can ensure that the money I have realised from my produce will be used to improve my farming activities and not wasted through frivolous spending,” said Mrs. Chipendu.

The seminar fulfils the Foundation’s and GetBuck’s mandate to train community members in line with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s financial inclusion policies. The financial literacy seminar organized by the Adam Molai Foundation in partnership with GetBucks offers immense potential for empowerment, economic growth, and sustainable development within the agricultural community of Dorowera.

It also fulfils the mandate set by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to ensure the financial inclusion of marginalised communities. By providing residents with essential financial knowledge and access to microfinance, this initiative aims to transform the lives of community members, nurturing a culture of financial independence and prosperity.

Through collective efforts, the Adam Molai Foundation and GetBucks exemplify the power of collaboration for social change.

The seminar was organized with the assistance of the local councillor, Mr Sydney Nyatsine and the Disaster and Environmental Management Trust, who are partners in the programme.