By Kenneth Mohammed Hadebe (South Africa)

Ethiopian Legislators have been embarrassed by Honourable Dr. W. Gayo following his blatant move in appointing himself Acting President of the Pan African Parliament.

Gayo appointed himself Acting President after PAP President Chief Fortune Charumbira went on a brief leave amid Zimbabwe’s General Elections held on 23rd August 2023.

This saw Gayo contravening Rule 19(1) of PAP Rules of Procedure knowing that Honourable Lucia was the Acting President, a position that is held by all Vice Presidents on rotational basis.

This publication interviewed two PAP Legislators from Ethiopia East Africa who commented on condition of anonymity. They all expressed disappointment at the misconduct displayed by one of their own in staging a short lived Coup at Pan African Parliament.

An Ethiopian Legislator exposed how he corruptly tried to manipulate high officials in Ethiopia to gain power and is now using same gimics to cause havoc and animosity in the Pan African Parliament.

“Gayo  has been exposed of his wicked and hypocritical attempt to siege power in PAP. He tried a lot to manipulate the highest officials to create image among them to perceive him as an only person who stand for rules and procedures in the Parliament.”

“I suggest ,that his case shouldn’t remain in PAP, it must be  directly communicated to the national Parliament to discipline that member . As for me his move is directly intentional and plan to disrupt the started good activities of PAP. I am personally ashamed of his evil attempt to spoil the name of PAP leadership and organization ;it is  his inherited ego to buy power by money. He doesn’t represent the interest of Ethiopia and of the members of the PAP. He manipulated the speaker of national Parliament here to allow him to conduct meeting ,which he didn’t even know it’s mission . The so-called Eastern Caucus resolution was made by few selected members ,who were bought and manipulated by him,” says PAP Legislator from Ethiopia.

Another PAP Legislator from Ethiopia confided that Gayo’s behaviour will be dealt with at National Level in Ethiopia alleging that his recent misconduct at the Pan African Parliament was against the wish of Ethiopians.

“Dr. Gayo is trying to create challenges by misleading members at PAP. This is really shocking and embarrassing. I was disappointed and even ashamed of him to be called a leader of continental organization . His actions are not accepted by Ethiopian members and our country as well. Creating problem to make access to his own gain has been his culture even in our country. His adamant behaviour is his motto to achieve his personal goals . We know that he is using money to misled many to his party. This is not our country’s interest ,the Deputy speaker had noted the issue. I hope he need to be disciplined . With all our drawbacks and limitations it is better to focus on the relevance matters to development and peace of PAP. He has be wasting his time on teething issues than woking as team to achieve major goals. Even now if he is not stopped ,he will still search for issues of contention to achieve his goal.  We kept quite to allow members to beat this bad intention at best ,not supporting his wrong doings . We will deal with this issue at home in depth,” says PAP Parliamentarian from Ethiopia.