By Tendai Guvamombe (South Africa)

Goshen Jerusalem Apostolic Church held it’s annual Baptism Convention 2024 during the just ended Easter Holidays for new converts in the SADC Region attracting a tune of 18 000 congregants.

This has become one of the biggest Baptism Convention ever held by the Christian Church outside Zimbabwe since 2000.

Goshen Jerusalem Baptism Convention South Africa 2024 (Easter Holiday)

This publication witnessed converts taking part in the Baptism Ceremony held in Bechleigh Kempton Park South Africa.

Message of peace, hope and tolerance bound by the strong beliefs of the old church spearheaded the establishment of more than 300 branches in Southern Africa.

The Christians came from Namibia, DRC, Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, Zambia among others.

Speaking to this publication, Goshen Jerusalem Apostolic Church Founder, Apostle Biggie Mutawu said he remain humbled by the way God is revealing himself in his Ministry.

Apostle Biggie Mutawu during Baptism Convention South Africa

“Bechleigh Kempton Park is our first branch in South Africa and I am humbled by the way we see new converts are joining our Ministries. This shows that our God is revealing his works to the people, ” he said.

Apostle Mutawu also spoke about the importance of peace in the SADC Region and the World.

“As we hold these conversations, we continue to pray for peace for our countries in the SADC Region and the World. Last month we were in Israel praying for peace and today we are here in South Africa praying for peace to prevail in our own countries in the SADC Region and the World.”