By Court Reporter

A popular state prosecutor, Michael Razor last week wrestled against a local sangoma (traditional healer) who tried to gain entry to court building.

The Sangoma  identified himself to Spotlight Global News as Gudoguru Tanganyika was denied entry by the law enforcers before being addressed by the state prosecutor Michael Razor who stamped authority in denying him entry to the court building.

This news crew observed Michael Razor exchanging words with the Sangoma amid the traditional healer was not properly dressed and was in position of a wooden stick.

“You cannot enter the court building because of your dressing and the wooden stick you are carrying.We are also afraid that you can actually use your stick for violence purposes or to harm others. The law enforcers cannot allow that at a place like this,” Razor the Prosecutor said.

The Sangoma was holding a wooden stick, dressed in a traditional attire, bare footed with his child holding three stones.

He told Razor that he was supposed to gain entrance without fail.  He claimed to be an  African person who could not attend court proceedings  without a walking stick and traditional attire. He added that the deniel for his entry was a violation of his rights.

“We are black people and we should value our cultural way of dressing and doing things. You cannot deny me entry to the court building because I am culturally dressed. This is actually a violation of my traditional rights.”

Michael Razor could not help the Sangoma as he told him to refrain himself from entering.

The two exchanged words Infront of Rotten Row Court until Gudoguru Tanganyika gave up by declaring a spiritual war on Michael Razor.

The Sangoma claimed that the purpose of his visit at the court was to assist a close relative.