By Staff Reporter

Shanyai Bookings, a UK based travel and tourism company made kind  donations of sanitary wear to the communities of Murehwa Village Women.

This comes at a time when sanitary health issues are at the core of sustainable development.

On 31 March, the Shanyai bookings took their benevolent action to Murehwa in proffering the Hakata Village women sustainable renewable sanitary wear.

Sanitary wear was also donated to a girls football team in Harare which Mr Mazhande ( Harvesters in Sport) has supported since day 1.

“Shanyai Bookings presented 150 re-usable sanitary pads to ladies from Hakata village, Murehwa.  This is the birthplace of the Shanyai Bookings ancestry.”

An official from Shanyai bookings emphasised their continued commitment to bettering communities social and economic conditions.

“Shanyai Bookings team strongly believe in our social responsibility to our communities where our journeys started. Our commitment to our people remains a high priority and we aim to continue such efforts forever.”

“Sanitary wear remain key enablers to meeting the sustainable development goals as they not only cut across the sustainable development goals but remain key enablers”

“The pads donation was presented to Hakata villagers by our visiting clients, the Blair family, from UK who are visiting Zimbabwe, to create memories and enjoy the birthplace of their Granma Maud.

The corporate company is also grateful to its valued customers and Zimbabwe’s Tourism Business players in the country.

“Shanyai Bookings would like to thank all our customers and Zimbabwean tourism business operators for all your support.

Together, we can bring the changes we seek. It starts with you and me. IT STARTS WITH SHANYAI BOOKINGS”