Religious Correspondent

The President of African Christian Council International, Archbishop Professor Johannes Ndanga has revealed the myth behind celebrating Jesus Christ Birthday on 25 December.

The birth of Jesus Christ has remained a mystery to many people with some coming up with different dates and months.

Archbishop Ndanga spoke to this publication during this year’s Christmas Holiday where he gave his sentiments around Jesus’ real date of birth.

In an interview with Professor Ndanga, 25 December was a day set aside to celebrate the birth of Jewish man called Pagun. The man had nothing to do with Christ and Christianity as a religion.

He explained why Jesus Christ birth coincided with the Pagun Celebrations on 25 December.

” None knows the exact date when Jesus was born. But there is a reason why his birth is celebrated on 25 December.”

This is the day which was set aside by some people during the Biblical times to celebrate a Jewish man called Pagun. He was known for worshiping the old pre-Christian gods and goddesses through seasonal festivals and other ceremonies. His followers became known as Paguns or Jewish Pagans.”

“Christians sought to find ways to despise Pagun Commemorations on 25 December. They then decided to commemorate Christ birth on the very day so as to do away with Paganism,” he reiterated.

According to Professor Ndanga, today some Christians observe months such as October , September and November in honour of Christ’s birth showing that the real day remains a mystery.

“The fact that some Christian Movements are celebrating Christ Birth around November, some around October and some are observing September shows that nobody really knows the real birth of our Father Jesus Christ, ” he added.