By Court Reporter

Zim Dancehall chanter, Tawanda Mumanyi popularly known as Seh Calaz in the entertainment circles is entitled to pay at least ZW$ 45 000 monthly for the maintenance of the child he had with his estranged wife, Moira Knight.

This will cover for the warfare and wellbeing of his child with Moira.

Moira Night is the daughter of Erick Night.

Moira had filed a court case against the popular singer following the collapse of their  two year marriage.

According to the court papers she demanded $US 800. This included US$drop in rentals, electricity (US$120), Gas (US$45), Maid (US$100), Clothes (US$110) and Transport (US$100).

However, the ruling by Magistrate Taruvinga on Wednesday, compelled Seh Calaz to committee in paying a monthly maintenance allowance of ZW$ 45 000 a figure that is way below what Moira Knight demanded in the court papers.

Seh Calaz was represented by Tamutswa Muzana of the Tapera Muzana and Partners.