By Keleb Ziko Muyambo

The Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC) has taken on X ( Tweeter) to attack President Emerson Mnangagwa by riding on the failures and uncertainties being recorded by Zimbabwe United Passenger Company(ZUPCO).

The borne of contention is that, ZUPCO has been receiving a number of busses imported by the Government since 2019, but recently flighted a newspaper advert calling for private players to bid for the importation of 500 busses.

CCC ironically asks whereabouts of the busses procured by the Government since 2019.

“What happened to the ZUPCO buses that were reported to have been purchased and commissioned by Mr. Mnangagwa since 2019? #Wakabvuta”   

ZUPCO’ s tender is looking at the procurement of more than 500 busses, a scenario that has brought more questions than answers.

“Many are wondering about the whereabouts of the ZUPCO buses that were reportedly purchased and commissioned by Mr. Mnangagwa since 2019. Meanwhile, a new tender has been released, inviting local and international bidders to supply 550 buses and yet the whereabouts of those that were reportedly bought are unknown.”

The Chamisa led CCC believes that all ZUPCO busses previously imported by the Government never existed.

“To date, the new buses that were showcased on ZBC have yet to be seen in operation on the streets of Zimbabwe. #Wakabvuta”

” Since 2019, Mr. Mnangagwa has allegedly been commissioning ZUPCO buses every year, with over 600 buses reportedly commissioned to this day, but to this day, their location and status remain unknown. Private players had to step in to alleviate transportation”