By Loice Takarindwa

The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) sect has dismissed its entire national executive council (NEC) citing a plethora of inconsistent acts including corruption.

ACCZ is a religious organisation that represents Indigenous and Zionist churches in the country.

Following serious allegations of land scandals and corruption deals that saw some members pocketing large sums of money from residential standards belonging to the church members, ACCZ board of governors convened a meeting last Saturday where a resolution to dismiss the NEC members was made with immediate effect.

In its press release announced on Tuesday the board of governors, which is mandated by ACCZ constitution to remove from office any member deemed unfit, said arch bishop Edgar Maireva is now ACCZ new president

“The Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ) wishes to inform the nation that ACCZ board of governors has dismissed the national executive council members.This follows a meeting convened by the board of governors on Saturday 13 January 2024 and made an urgent move to remove the national executive council (NEC) which assumed office from 2021.”

The national executive council was led by Mr Tobias Zunguzira of Mapisarepa Apostolic Church as a ceremonial president since 2021 whilst Mr Timothy Muuya of National Apostolic Faith Church of the Holy Ghost was the secretary general.

The press statement further highlighted that, the NEC was dismissed due to a number of issues which include violation of ACCZ constitution and land corruption.

“It also came to the attention of the board that the conduct of NEC members was now inconsistent with ACCZ founding principles enshrined in the constitution.

“These include making declarations and unsanctioned moves without consulting the board of governors. The attainment of academic doctorates by NEC members under unclear circumstances thereby compromising the reputation of ACCZ.

“Land scandals and corruption deals which saw some members pocketing huge sums of money from the residential stands belonging to (ACCZ) Vapositori.”

According to ACCZ constitution, the board of governors is the supreme council that has powers to appoint and remove the national executive council and any other members.

“The ACCZ constitution provides that the board of governors as the supreme organ may by a two thirds majority, remove an officer or member from office on the basis that the person is no longer fit to hold office in that capacity, he or she has  conducted himself or herself in a manner that is highly likely to put ACCZ into disrepute.”