By Tendai Guvamombe(Harare)

Jane Bingari, local philanthropist has once again provided assistance to the Highfield Community. This time she purchased water pills, buckets, washing soap and service equipments for eight (8) boreholes in Ward 25.

This comes at a time when cases of cholera outbreak has been reported in some parts of the country. Water pills are essential in protecting borehole water from underground contamination through purification.

Borehole servicing near Mhofu Primary School

Speaking to Highfield Residents after handing over the donations, Bingari said the current reports about cholera outbreak prompted her to remember the community by way of servicing the boreholes, donating water pills, washing soap and buckets.

“As a Child who grew up in this community I was greatly disturbed by the reports of cholera outbreak in some parts of the country and decided to assist by making donations. We want to ensure that we have access to clean and safe water,” she said.

Most boreholes had exceeded their timeline interms of service and the pills had long expired yet most residents are largely depend on borehole water.

In an interview with Colen Chibinya a Highfield Resident thanked Bingari for the donations that went a long way in ensuring access to clean and safe water.

“I would like to thank Bingari for borehole water donations. Borehole service and the pills will go a long way in ensuring access to clean and safe water,” he said.

Noma Maheya, another Highfield Resident said Bingari saved her community from Cholera outbreak.

“I am very grateful for the donations made by Bingari in saving our society from Cholera and other related diseases. Our families and children are now safe.”