Dear Honourable Ezra Chadzamira

As I write this letter to you, my eyes are full of tears brought about by an illegal evacuation that you ordered in my village.

All my homes and hard earned investments that I worked for the past 24 years have all been shattered in vein.

As a homeless villager I can’t believe that I am now a destitute. What pains me most is that I have nowhere to go.

What about my cattle? What will happen to my crops left behind? What will happen to the pfumvunza inputs that I took on credit ?

Have you also considered how we are parting ways with the graveyards of our loved once? When I acquired my small piece of land I thought I am legally settled.

Having been settled by the Minister of Lands then, the late Hon John Nkomo, having an offer letter from Ministry of Lands, having been paying my taxes to council with the receipts upto date and being aware that Chiefs are an arm of government with powers to allocate land.

Does this mean that Section 15 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe that empowers Traditional Leaders is now a dysfunct? Sir kindly school me on this.

Your latest move clearly shows that Traditional leaders are no longer important in this matter. You recent move also shows that they are no longer part of Local Government to the extent of overriding their quo status.

When you chased us from our homes did you consider the following?

1) The number of votes that retained the President on the throne

2) Your demolitions only targeted an area under one Chief and we wonder why this came out in this manner 3) Our pfumvudza crops that we planted during rain season

4) The amount of investments that we placed in our villages as our permanent homes

5) Why removing us from the same land we fought for, during the Chimurenga War of Liberation?

In other words I wrote this letter to remind you that the way you demolished our homes has brought more harm than good to the sons and daughters of the soil. You will be remembered by people of Masvingo for both what you did and what you failed to do.

Yours Truly

Cde Taurai Wezhira