Opinion by Agnes Magunje

Commemorating Women’s Month and recognising women in all spheres and their efforts to build the nation as they perform their roles as mothers, sisters, wives, business people, community leaders, caregivers and all other roles is fundamental.

Choosing to look at the International Theme for 2024 “Inspire Inclusion” it is concerning to note where women are.

Only a minority are found in key decision-making positions and a small fraction own wealth despite being the majority. It is about time women took it upon themselves to be included, its time for women to be involved in solving issues concerning gender equality.

Inspiring inclusion is critical but only when women want to be included by being involved, and involved in all spaces. Challenges are there and they will continue to be there but it is better when one is present.

The terrain is not easy as man guard their cheese and cake religiously and offer women the crumbs left. It is about time the narrative changed and women took it upon themselves to get involved in wealth creation. The mindset has to change and control has to be taken, entering those spaces reserved for the opposite sex.

Action is being alive, it is taking the risk to go out and express your dream and be counted. I encourage women to no longer wait, but be indulged in bringing themselves the freedom to be, have and dominate in all areas through wisdom not innocence, being aware of who they really are, all the possibilities they have to transform themselves and be free from poverty and mediocrity. It is possible and it needs one to celebrate themselves all the time knowing that yes, they too deserve the best.