By Keleb Ziko Muyambo

Zanu Pf apologist Jim Kunaka has  claimed that the Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC) is planning to hold a political demo in solidarity with Job Sikhala.

Kunaka has been on the Political dustbin for sometime and is prominent for his fierce submissions at the Mohlande Enquiry at Zanu Pf.

Job Sikhala is a CCC official and former Member of Parliament currently held in prison facing allegations of inciting political violence in the country.

Jim Kunaka who before elections was a fierce critic of Zanu Pf, released tip off statement regarding CCC unsanctioned Demo.

Kunaka claims that CCC Spokesperson  Promise Mkwananzi, is planning to lead the Demo.

“I’ve just been informed that  Promise Mkwananzi is planning to stage an unsanctioned demonstration in solidarity with jobsikhala,it must be clear that our security forces won’t tolerate any disorder and anyone found on the wrong side of the law will be delt with accordingly.”