Tendai Guvamombe

A country’s tourism destination  is first appreciated by locals before the story is told by externals. This is how the Zimbho Campaign has been turning the hearts of many citizens in realising their great potentials to participate in Zimbabwe’s Domestic Tourism drive.

The potentials are pointed towards spearheading the assimilation of local interests in appreciating the natural beauty that resides in their motherland.

The Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry on Friday strengthened the Zimbho Campaign efforts when they launched the Festive Season Campaign in Harare. This sparked interests from local citizens who attended the campaign.

Zimbho Festive Season Campaign in Harare

The launch created a tourism vibe that will be remembered in the tourism corridors.

The Ministry led by Hon Barbara Rwodzi held a massive parade after a successful clean-up along third street, between tourism entities; Meikles Hotel and AirZimbabwe Building.

Professionals ,Business Executives in the tourism fraternity, Women and youths joined the Minister in singing and dancing to the great sounds by the Police Band as they marched in joy along Jason Moyo heading to Africa Unity Square.

This turned into a tourism expedition as the  central business district came to a stand still. 

Some resorted to join the crew as the Zimbho message came out clear to the public.

“Let’s visit our own country and see it’s beauty. Let’s not spend  money outside Zimbabwe. We have many tourist destinations. We are expecting our locals in the diaspora who will come for the festive season so that they see the major developments that have taken place in our domestic tourism,” says Hon Barbara Rwidzi Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Hospitality Industry Hon Tongai Mnangagwa told the participants to be ambassadors of the Zimbho Campaign in spreading the message of Zimbabwe as a destination of choice.

“Let us be the ambassadors of the Zimbho Campaign telling the diasporas and locals about the beauty of Zimbabwe as a Destination of choice, ” he said.