Mohammed Kenneth Haddebe

As tension continues to rise in the Citizens  Coalition for Change, the latest has seen Former Youth Assembly Leader Obey Sithole being blocked from CCC official X (tweeter) account.

While efforts to unblock Sithole are being made, the move is a signal of a deep chaotic situation at the main opposition political party. This also follows the unexpected ousting of Professor Welsnman Ncube and Tendai Biti from the party by Nelson Chamisa.

Sithole reacted to his unequivocal blocking via his X(Tweeter) Account @Tererai Sithole.

“A certain insecure coward hiding behind our Party handle took cowardice to another level and settled at blocking me. We certainly have fake democrats among our midst who think that they can abuse their proximity to our President…..,” reads Obey Sithole’s statement on X.

Meanwhile, CCC deputy spokesperson Ostallos Gift Siziba responded by taking action to unblocking Sithole.

“I’m sorry for what you went through. I have talked to our admin to unblock you forthwith. It is is very important to have a feedback loop, where we are constantly conversing  about what we have done and how we could be doing it better. That’s the most important single best piece of Communication..”