By Loice Takarindwa (Senior Court Reporter)

Pokugara’s former Managing Director, Michael Van Blek on Thursday presented a falsified evidence before courts of law in a case where George Katsimberis is being acused of constructing a Show House without an approved plan from the City of Harare.

The court case has attracted wide  debate in the judicial circles as Katsimberis is standing as an acused of the allegations where he is also appearing as a state witness.

Vongai Muchuchuti Guwuriro is the presiding magistrate while Michael Razor is the State Prosecutor in which Van Blek is the State Witness.

Van Blek told the court that George Katsimberis constructed a house in Borrowdale without an approved plan from the City of Harare when in actual fact Katsimberis had an approved  stamped plan penned with an official signature.

He also further lied that the house was a single story and incomplete when in actual fact the City Council demolished a completed  show house.

“The acused constructed an unfinished house without the approval of the City Council Planning Authority”

“The house was never hundred percent complete.”

“The plan was rubber stamped to make it appear as approved”

Van Blek went on to present a plan belonging to Pokugara Properties which could have been possibly altered or fabricated by the Pokugara Bosses.

Pokugara through  Ken Sharpe, a fugitive of justice and fraudster has been embroiled in a number of land corruption cases in Harare.