By Kenneth Mohammed (Midrand)

The Pan African Parliament’s Second Vice President Honourable Dr. W Gayo has been at the PAP Headquarters in Mildrand South Africa since 23 August 2023. Reports coming through indicate that Gayo might have abandoned his official duties in Ethiopia as a Legislator.

He went to PAP Headquarters where he tried to embark on a coup after President of the Pan African Parliament Chief Fortune Charumbira went on an official leave.

In doing so, he peddled lies on social media working in cahoots with Zambian Social Media influencer Joseph Kalimbwe in an attempt to seize leadership from Chief Charumbira the PAP President.

Media reports across the continent unearthed how Gayo violeted Rules 9(3) and 16(15) of the Pan African Parliament’s amended Rules of Procedure in his futile steps where he proclaimed himself Acting President of PAP knowing that it was Honourable Lucia’s turn to be the Acting President. 

However, Gayo’s absenteeism in the Ethiopian Parliament is now a talk in the political circles across the continent.

A PAP Legislator from Central Africa confided to this publication expressing concern on Gayo’s duration in Midrand South Africa and prolonged absenteeism from Ethiopian Parliament.

“PAP Second Vice President, Dr. Gayo has been at PAP steadily since August 23 thereby abandoning his duties at the Ethiopia’ National Parliament to stage an unconstitutional hostile take over at PAP. “

“Did he get a leave of absence from Ethiopia National Parliament to absent from his national duties? Did the National Parliament of Ethiopia endorse Gayo’s hostile act?