By Keleb Muyambo

Music fans woke up to the surprise of the day when two popular music artists paraded nudity and none normative acts.

Jah Prayzah’s explicit image behind a girl with his hand inside her pant is on a viral spree. The demonic act also saw Amara Brown coming for gender balance sake as she paraded her nudes to the public domain.

All the obscene images have already filled up the social media corridors to the brim.

The two musicians failed to make any hits in 2023. This is evidenced by huge traffic of a tense competition in Zimbabwe’s entertainment corridors.

Amara Brown nudes

The anti social acts resembles a struggle for relevance amid 2024 crossover.

Jah Prayzah had a not so rosy 2023 music journey. His disappointment at Music Fiesta in Leicester UK was superseded by a dismal performance at Harare Agriculture Show Gig before being called to stop singing at the Presidential Inauguration at National Sports Stadium.

The Presidential Inauguration Gala merely costed the “Kutonga Kwaro hit maker” as “Chimira ” slogan became more popular than “Chiremera” album.

Towards the end of the year Jah Prayzah ventured in some sort of skits as a way to compensate for the lost glory.

On the other hand Amara had completely vanished from the game since the “Mukoko” hit, only to resurface on the social scene in nudes.

The two artists turned their fame into glory of circus.