By Correspondent

The court case of Amos Chibaya and other 25 members of the Citizens Coalition for Change(CCC), one of the accused has emerged to be a school child- Spotlight Global News has learnt.

The 25 were arrested on 16 January 2023 facing allegations of unlawful gathering with intent to incite public violence in Harare Zimbabwe.

Speaking to this publication, a Legal Practitioner Tamutswa Muzana of Muzana Tapera and Muzana Law , representing the accused persons said the ongoing matter is now affecting a school child from attending studies.

“It is disturbing that of one of the accused persons in matter Amos Chibaya and other 25 is a school child. The Child is expected to sit for this year’s national schools examinations. This means that the ongoing court proceedings will negatively affect progress in the child’s studies.”

Previous reports had only cited the accused person as a child under 19 years old.