By Tendai Guvamombe

The Zimbabwe Association of Church related Hospitals(ZACH) on Friday held a National Media Conference on gender based violence. The engagement was attended by Journalists from broadcast, print and online media.

This follows a number of successive media trainings previously held by the organization upon the implementation of the SASA programme aimed at raising awareness and action support in mitigating GBV cases across communities.

Speaking during the Media Conference, Mr Chidzewere Nzou ZACH Programmes Manager said the engagement is aimed at advancing gender based violence programming through media engagement. The increased media coverage that would help bring success stories on SASA implementation.

Participants at Media Conference held by ZACH in Harare

“We aim to advance the cause of ZACH, AGYW HIV, COVID 19 and Gender based violence programming. We also expect to share success stories , most significant changes and policy issues emerging from the SASA communities with the media fraternity.”

“By doing this we also aim to gain and increase coverage in both print and electronic media outlets,” he said.

SASA is an abbreviation for the phases in the implementation of GBV programmes and these are: Start, Awareness, Support and Action.

SASA has managed to protect many girls from violence and also reduction of HIV prevalence in the country.