By Kenneth Mohammed Haddebe (South Africa )

The Second Vice President of the Pan African Parliament Hon. Dr Ashebiri Gayo from Ethiopia offered a job to a South African woman  whom she regularly hired as a sex worker during parliamentary sessions in Midrand.

The sex worker revealed this in a leaked audio on social media where she said Gayo lied  that he secured employment for her at the Pan African Parliament as a Staff Employee.

“Gayo has been having a sexual affair with me as a sex worker. The guy  comes from Ethiopia. He slept with me under the promise that he was to get me a job at Pan African Parliament in Mildrand but nothing has happened up to now,” she said.

SA sex worker offered job at PAP by Dr Gayo

The woman who is yet to reveal her identity, also said it is only now that she realises that Gayo has been using her for a long time when ever he will be coming for Parliament Sessions in South Africa.

“I need help. This person lied to me. He promised me job at Pan African Parliament but there is nothing. He used me. He slept with me without protection, he put my life in danger.”

“He knows that most SA women we are not working. So he kept on sleeping with us promising us a better job but I have seen that he is a lier.”

“All South African women who have been abused by Gayo let’s rise and speak. Enough is enough!!”

This publication accessed the audio on the X formerly Tweeter on the link below: