By Correspondent

Mutapa Investment Fund (“MIF” or “the Fund”) has recently launched its operations, with a clear mission to serve the national interests of Zimbabwe. During the first meeting of MIF employees at the company offices in Highlands, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. John Mangudya, emphasized the importance of prioritizing national interest over self-interest to all the employees of the Fund.

He said Mutapa Investment Fund is the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Zimbabwe, with a key focus on value and wealth creation for the good of the nation as a whole.

The Fund’s values of transparency, accountability, excellence, commitment, integrity and team work underline its commitment to achieving outstanding performance in value and wealth creation.

“The vision of Mutapa Investment Fund is to create a sustainable and profitable entity that serves the national interest above all. The Fund’s core values of transparency, accountability, excellence, commitment and integrity guide all decision-making processes, with a focus on achieving sustainable performance and team work for the benefit of all Zimbabweans. We need to safeguard national assets and to sweat them for the greater good of the Zimbabwean economy.

As a key objective in the long-term economic stabilization policy of the Government, Mutapa Investment Fund is dedicated to building a stabilization fund that will support the nation’s economic growth and development in line with the aspirations of Vision 2030.

By promoting good corporate governance and reinvesting profits into viable and profitable entities, Mutapa Investment Fund aims to drive economic development and stability in Zimbabwe.” said Dr. Mangudya
Mutapa Investment Fund aims to promote good corporate governance and performance within all its portfolio companies, ensuring their commercial viability for the benefit of all Zimbabweans.

At a group level, Mutapa Investments Fund will prioritize understanding the needs of entities under its armpit, reinvesting profits for the continuous growth and development of the nation. The Fund is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of Zimbabwe, driving growth, and creating value and wealth for the benefit of all citizens and future generations.

With a strong and experienced executive team in place, Mutapa Investment Fund is positioned to make a significant impact on the country’s economic landscape.

The Board of the Fund which is headed by Dr Chipo Mtasa, is supported by an Executive Team which is comprised of highly qualified and experienced individuals. The team includes Chief Investments Officer – Simba Chinyemba, Deputy Chief Investments Officer – Ernest Denhere, Executive Administration Assistant – Edith Mandianike, Chief Legal Office and Company Secretary- Varaidzo Zifudzi, Head Internal Audit and Risk – Crosswell Gwamure, Head Economic Research and Development – Forbes Kanogwere, Head of Corporate Affairs and Communication – Rugare Dhobbie, among other talented professionals.
Dr. Mangudya expressed confidence in the newly appointed team, stating that, “We believe that we have assembled competent individuals who will be able to steer the Fund to success for the benefit of our dear country.

Our goal is to generate value and wealth for the current and future generations in order not to leave anyone and no place behind in stabilizing the national economy, and promote overall economic development in Zimbabwe,” says Dr. Mangudya.