By Kenneth Mohammed Hadebe (Chad)

The Pan African Parliament Legislators have spoken for the first time ever since Second Vice President Hon Dr W Gayo attempted to seize power at the continental legislative body.

Gayo, an Ethiopian Legislator embarked on a failed Coup sometime in August this year when President of the Pan African Parliament Senator Charumbira went on an official leave. Gayo, defied PAP’s Rule 19(1) of PAP Rules of Procedure where he proclaimed himself Acting President knowing that Honourable Lucia was the Acting President, a position that is held by all Vice Presidents on rotational basis.

This have seen Gayo making multiple blunders at PAP wrecking havoc and confusion across the continent.
This time around, PAP Legislators have spoken out, in a quest to do away with the ongoing drama and circus at the instigation of Gayo.

Hon Kasingo communicated via PAP Platform, saying the continental body should now resume it’s business so that they may have a chance to weigh in on challenges being faced by Pan African Parliament.

“Whose ever is in charge of PAP can they please ensure that PAP resume its business meaning Sitting of the Plenary in October- November!!??
What is the point of seeing pictures of travelling in the Name of PAP but the Plenary is not being called for MPs to have a say on Challenges facing PAP even just for a week?!!
Where is the money coming from to pay PAP staff? Oo !! It is bad.”

Hon Kasingo contemplated to report the ongoing circus to their Foreign Affairs Ministers and in his view the African Union is the only institution with a clear mandate to end challenges being faced by Africa’s Legislative Body.

” At least there should be informations to all MPs on what is going on otherwise we are going to Report to our Foreign Ministers on this abnormality PAP is being run! And perhaps it could be better for PAP to close temporarily I think AU must step in to map the way forward! PAP is an AU institution / Organ consisting of MPs from memberstates of Au!!So there could not be PAP without MPs of PAP sitting and discussing the way forwards.”

Hon Wavel Woodcock from Seychelles expressed worry at the ongoing crisis saying they are now in the dark without constant flow of communication with regards to PAP Business.

“That’s the question most delegates & MPs are asking. No information or feedbacks are coming from PAP. We did not have any sitting in August and nothing regarding plenary in October. We are completely in the dark of what is going on.”

Hon Woodcock also reiterated that the ongoing crisis is now an embarrassment to Africa and it’s institutions as a whole.

“We need the PAP bureau, the leadership to tell us what is going on. What is going on in PAP now is embarrassing and all our countries Leaders are questioning the credibility of PAP.”

Hon. Carol Kamusiime from Uganda also expressed worry as she clamoured for God’s intervention at the Pan African Parliament.
“God have mercy on PAP leaders I can’t believe that we are going through this again.”