Africa’s famous traditional healer, Sekuru Dr. Kamwelo Banda has once again extended support to Paradzai Mesi as he secured a three(3) hectare plot for the troubled musician.

Paradzai Mesi who dominated news headlines following his arrest on charges of unlawful entry and stealing from a grocery shop in Concession.

While his story attracted so much ridicule from social media users, it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise as he has received overwhelming support from Sekuru Banda and gospel musician Mudiwahood.

Sekuru Banda negotiated with the grocery shop owner to withdraw charges against Mesi. He also compensated the grocery shop owner.

Mudiwahood on the other hand bought designer suits and groceries for Mesi on top of pledging to pay school fees for the Huruva hit maker’s children.

Sekuru Banda has followed up on his earlier support and secured a 3 hectare plot for Mesi which he said will offer him a new lease of life and possibly take him away from alcohol and drug abuse.

“We have secured a 3 hectare plot for him in Concession. We will give him inputs and adequate support to be productive.

“This will also help to keep him busy and away from alcohol and drugs,” said Sekuru Banda.

He hailed Mudiwahood for his generosity saying his promise to improve Paradzai Mesi’s living condition should inspire many other Zimbabweans not to neglect those in need.

“We want to thank Mudiwahood for assisting Paradzai Mesi. His promise to secure a decent accommodation for Paradzai Mesi deserves praise from all Zimbabweans,” added Sekuru Banda.

Mudiwahood has also hailed Sekuru Banda for assisting Paradzai Mesi.

Posting on Twitter, Mudiwahood said relocating Mesi would help to change his life.

“We are in the process of finding Mr Paradzai Mesi a decent place to stay, as we strongly believe relocating him and changing the environment that he is in now, will bring the desired change in his life…

“We also appreciate efforts from respected people like Sekuru Banda, tinogamuchira rubatsiro rwenyu kuna Para…,” said Mudiwahood.

Paradzai Mesi rose to fame in the early 2000 with his band Njerama Boys churning out hits such as Huruva, Masimba towedzera and Goneso among others.