By Correspondent (Rushinga)

Madzibaba Mike Chidavaenzi is the Bishop of Johanne Masowe eJerusarema Rushinga who encountered a tragic incident following the death of eight(8) members who drowned in a river sometime ago.

This is the same incident that sparked media attention across the country. Following the sorrowful incident, Madzibaba Mike  encountered hard times as he faced rejection from the Rushinga Community to the extent of having his congregants barred from worshiping freely.

Part of the traumatic experience include consenting to pay more than 20 cattle to both a local chief and the spirit mediums.

The grieving Bishop managed to only send four cattles to the traditional authorities.

Against this background African Christian Council International Delegation led by its Grand President Archbishop Dr Johannes Ndanga visited Masowe eJerusalema in Mount Selinda during the month of September, 80 kilometers from Rushinga Central District.

His visit was to clear the air surrounding the rejection of Masowe eJerusarema led by Chidavaenzi from carrying out their warship practices in the area.

“We are here in Rushinga to tell you that accidents are common in country and this should not limit you from carrying out your worshipping practices at any given level,” he said.

Dr Ndanga reiterated President’s call for religious tolerance and freedom of warship enshrined in the national constitution adding that churches and traditional leaders should work together for a peaceful society.

“Our President made it clear that churches are an important arm in praying for peace in this country and therefore should be allowed to carry out their worship practices freely without any disturbances. Our Constitution also provides the same, that there should be religious tolerance and freedom of worship in the country,” he added.

Madzibaba Chidavaenzi expressed his happiness after receiving  a green light from ACCI Grand President to freely worship at their usual shrine without any fear.

“We are happy because ACCI Grand President came to our rescue. We can now carry out our worshipping practices without any fear. As Johanne Masowe eJerusalema Rushinga we are great full for that.”

Gladmore Kangora Rusambo, a Paramount Chief and a patron of indigenous churches in Rushinga spoke to this publication on the importance of Dr Ndanga’ s visit to Rushinga in assisting Johanne Masowe eJerusarema to resume their worship practices.

“Dr Ndanga’s visit to Rushinga has gone a long way in assisting members of the Johanne Masowe eJerusalema to resume their worshiping practices. They were being rejected by some sections of the society from worshipping at their usual shrine but they have been set free. All people are now happy because they are also being supported by African Christian Council International(ACCI).”