By Paul Ndou

Employers in the Milling industry have accused National Employment Council chairperson Tich Zimhondi of taking a bribe from Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) trade unions in a bid to amend the constitution.

The Employers who spoke to this publication on condition of anonymous said Zimondi was going against the constitution because he had received money from trade unions.

“We are having a problem with Zimondi who is trying to nail employers by unconstitutionally amending the constitution.

“Zimondi does not want employers to appeal against arbitral awards,” the source said

“We have it on good record that he got US$5000 from trade unions in a bid to fight for the employees and this is being sponsored by CCC to cause chaose in the country.”

Contacted for comment Zimondi did not pick his calls up to the time of this writing.