Loice Takarindwa

In a leaked audio Zanu Pf aspiring Member of Parliament for Muzarabani South popularly known as “Changaz” is being denied sex by his small house who is fighting to gain control over businesses.

Changaz a well known businessman and music promoter is head in the audio fuming over being denied sex by a former nurse identified as Mati Kajokoto.

“It’s not fair. Why are you being so selfish. I don’t see the reason why you are refusing to have sex with me especially when we are sleeping in the same blankets?”

In retaliation, the small house said that they will only have sex after having an official wedding so that she can also have control over Changaz’s businesses.

“There is no sex until we have a wedding. I have done a child for you. So it’s time for me to get my benefits.”

In a related story Madzibaba Jonah Musanzika Makanjera , an aspiring Member of Parliament for Muzarabani South was recently caught red handed with a married wife at Wilderness Lodge in Mashonaland Central Province.

Madzibaba Jonah is a renowned Prophet of Johanne Masoe Echishanu based in Centenary.