By Loice Takarindwa

Reverend Obadiah Msindo (70), Founder of Destiny Network for Africa has married a 22year old young girlfriend.

Msindo is now known for his acts of girl child exploitation which some refers to sextortion.

This publication observed how Msindo manipulated young girls under the guise of employment to trade them for sexual exploitation  to business gurus in his circle.

Currently, he has turned Rainbow Tours Hotel(Restaurant and Bar) as his permanent office where young girls of different ages will be queuing for  non existent job interviews.

Sometime in 2022 the Reverend raped a young girl after offering her a fake birthday party at Rainbow Hotel room.

The girl fled to South Africa after Obadia Msindo threatened to kill her if reported to police.

Amid all this, Msindo threatens his  victims alleging that he is heavily connected in the Government.

Pictures of his private wedding ceremony at Rainbow Tours have gone viral.