By Tendai Guvamombe(Chinhoyi)

Amazing looks with an  exhilarating hospitality is the current status of CUT Hotel.

The magnificent hospitality has its genesis from the foyer which marks the introduction to ebulance.

A combination of service excellence and magnificent views coupled with a close association with a particular tourism place like Chirorodziva simply gives the best experience for both domestic and international tourists.

The secluded resort is most ideal for a family holiday outing where a father, mother together with their offsprings dyn together in harmony.

Sometimes it is not a matter of affordability but the ability to explore a holiday package incentive being offered by the holiday resort of choice.

Judging from the first touch base at CUT Hotel, I  enjoyed the best out of little spending. But the value for spending makes the ZIM-Bho Campaign a success.

The hotel has all what it takes to enhance domestic tourism activities under the the banner of the #MICE Tourism and #Meet in Zim campaigns.

The story of Mashonaland West Province may sound incomplete without mentioning CUT Hotel the home of hospitality excellence in Chinhoyi.