By Mohammed Uriel Hadebbe

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) has adopted a report on strengthening the scientific base of traditional medicine through research and innovation, during the 3rd Ordinary Session of the Sixth PAP in Midrand, South Africa. The report was launched by PAP President, Chief Fortune Charumbira, who emphasized the need for African universities and research institutions to contribute to the development of traditional medicine.

President Charumbira postulated that African universities have not made significant contributions to the development of traditional medicine, despite their long history.

“Our universities in Africa have existed for centuries but have not produced anything on medicine. We need to ask ourselves why these research institutions and universities are not coming up with solutions to tell the African story,” he said.

Hon Alhagie Mbow emphasized that Africa needs to work together in spearheading solutions on food and health through traditional medicine.

“Africa has a lot of solutions for our people. We can solve our issues of food and health through traditional medicine. We must work together to encourage this committee to further collaborate and allocate more resources for development research on the African continent,” said Hon. Alhagie Mbow, a PAP MP.

The report highlights the importance of traditional medicine in Africa and the need for scientific research to validate its effectiveness.

“We find natural medicinal products that help us in our different African countries, and these are not costly to use. We can save financial resources by promoting traditional medicine,” said Hon. Jean Patrick France Quirin, Chairperson of the Committee on Health, Labour, and Social Affairs.

The adopted report recommends increased investment in research and innovation to strengthen traditional medicine in Africa. The PAP MPs emphasized the need for collaboration and resource allocation to promote traditional medicine and solve Africa’s health and food challenges.

The report’s adoption marks a significant step towards promoting traditional medicine in Africa through scientific research and innovation.

The Report will contribute to improving the health and well-being of Africans, while also showcasing African solutions to African problems.