By Mohammed Uriel Hadebbe

– Linda Masarira, President of LEAD, has condemned the potential recognition of Orania, a “Whites-only” town in South Africa’s Northern Cape, as a reversal of liberation struggles in sub-Saharan Africa.

In a scathing statement, Masarira denounced Orania’s existence as a “stark affront” to the gains of liberation movements that fought against apartheid and colonialism.

She warned that recognizing Orania would condone a form of neo-apartheid, threatening to undermine equality, justice, and human dignity across the continent.

Masarira urged the ANC-led government to reject Orania’s racial exclusivity and work towards genuine integration and upliftment of all citizens, in line with South Africa’s constitution and African ethos.

The LEAD President’s statement has sparked a heated debate on the role of government in promoting equality and combating racial segregation. As the continent grapples with the legacy of colonialism and apartheid, Masarira’s call to action resonates with many who share her vision of a truly liberated Africa.