MIDRAND, SOUTH AFRICA – Sen Chief Fortune Zephania Charumbira, President of the Pan-African Parliament (PAP), has called for unity and rebranding as the institution reconvenes for its 3rd Ordinary Session. Charumbira acknowledged the damaging conflicts that plagued the PAP last year, tainting its image and legacy.

In his opening remarks, Charumbira expressed gratitude to members for re-electing him and the Bureau, signaling a return to full functionality after seven months of dysfunction.

“Allow me to draw from an illustrative quotation from the American
entrepreneur, Jim Rohn, who said,
I deliberately start with this quotation as we reconvene after stuttering once
again because it is a sobering pointer to the responsibility that we all carry.
Everything that we do, every action that we take, whether deliberately or
otherwise, affects the legacy that we leave for posterity.
I will be the first to acknowledge, and I am sure you all agree with me that,
the repeated conflicts within PAP have severely dented the public image and
perception of PAP to the extent that one Foreign Minister said “PAP is
perceived as an institution of hooligans.”
The PAP, as an institution, suffers from collateral damage every time there is
a conflict within and among its membership. We must, therefore, work, “he said.

He emphasized the need for collective effort in rebuilding the PAP’s reputation and fulfilling its mandate to ensure African people’s participation in the continent’s economic development and integration.

Charumbira also addressed the financial impact of the conflicts, resulting in reduced budget allocations from the African Union. He appealed to members to lobby their respective governments for increased funding to support the PAP’s activities.

The President’s call for unity and rebranding resonated with members, marking a new chapter for the PAP. With a renewed sense of purpose, the institution is poised to refocus on its mandate and reconnect with stakeholders and citizens across Africa.