By Mohammed Hadebbe

A goodwill literary project inspired by the Global Quarantine Museum

Just as they say that persistence pays, there’s no way denying that this might as well be some form of special recognition, awarded for his keeping focused on a poetry theme that relentlessly churns out anti-hunger verses year in year out beginning 2018 to date, way down from Africa, Zimbabwe. It can be safely said that the world’s circles, in one way or another, begin to notice and reward the smallest of efforts in a big cause to help alleviate the scourge of hunger.

Spotlight Global News this week caught up with one Brian Manyati who goes by the stage performance or page poetry name Towandah Ryan. This follows the June 15 launch of the revered Pandemics Journal with his poetic piece carried among a phenomenally multi-diverse list of contributors from various quarters globally, whose works of art got selected.

However, it would be most unfair not to be quick to put to light the commendably great and collective piece of hunger advocacy work that the esteemed editors put up and officially launched.

Responding to our questions, Brian’s joyous sentiments were capped with what probably now is a famous line, “To God be the glory #always”.

The Pandemics Journal is on its 5th successive issue. It goes without saying that art has claws, lion paws in actual fact. The taste of the pudding is in the eating hence for more on the beautiful piece of work here below are online access links:

Brian Manyati actively engages in day to day poetry under The Sailors Trust (The Hundred Sailors) poetry, music and arts ensemble.

You can follow up on Brian Manyati’s hunger oriented poetry on and his multi-themed poetry on